Parks & Wildlife Service Update with CPSU Organiser Michael McLoughlin

Michael here – CPSU Organiser for our Parks & Wildlife Service. I’ve been travelling around Tasmania over the last several weeks visiting Field and Visitor Centres to update workers on the progress of the Parks and Wildlife Agreement. After months of waiting we’ve finally received an offer from the Department of Natural Resources and Environment – disappointingly this only arrived after these visits took place as it would have been ideal to be able to talk members through the offer and collect feedback in person.  

Here at the CPSU we’ve been working through the claim and will be reaching out to members imminently with more detail. We’ll then begin collecting member feedback and get your direction on what steps you think we should take next.  

These visits have also been a good chance to add some last-minute items to our Log of Claims, which you can see here! Please give us feedback on the Claims and let us know if there’s anything you think we’ve missed. It is greatly appreciated. 

Some items PWS workers have raised with me which I believe have been addressed in the Claims:  

  • Lack of compensation for high cost of living in regional and remote areas due to lack of accommodation and travel times  
  • Claim 64 would introduce an allowance for working at remote and/or above normal cost-of-living Field Centres, and the provision of a housing allowance.  
  • Lack of career progression in Parks and Wildlife  
  • Claims 65, 66 and 67 seek broadbanding for Field Officers (2 through 3), Rangers (3 through 4) and Visitor Officers (1 through 3).  

If you think there is anything still missing or if you have any other feedback, please get in touch at mmcloughlin@tas.cpsu.com.au.  

We need to secure these claims, as well as a meaningful pay rise, if we are to recruit, train and retain a thriving workforce to look after our internationally renowned parks into the future. It’s important we build the kind of power we need to enshrine these claims in the Award – in union. Encourage your co-workers to join their union and get organised!  

We’ll only win this if we fight for it.  

In unity,  


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