Whole of Membership Claims

These claims will apply to all Awards and Agreements across the Public Sector.

Claim 1: Period of Operation
Agreement to operate for 3 years from 1 July 2022 to 30 June 2025.

Claim 2: Wage Increases
Annual increases from the first full pay period commencing on or after 1 December each year of a quantum that fully compensates for CPI plus compensates for increased productivity.

Claim 3: Parental Leave

  • Increase paid parental leave to 30 weeks (currently 16 weeks)
  • Changes to allow both parents access to paid parental leave where both parents are in the State Service, with a proportion to be allowed to be taken concurrently.
  • Increase partner leave to 6 weeks.

Claim 4: Workers Compensation

  • Amend definition so that normal weekly earnings is based on average wage over previous 12 months including overtime, superannuation and allowances
  • Remove step downs for all State Service employees (like Police).
    • After 26 weeks on workers comp an employee’s salary is reduced to 90% and reduced to 80% after 78 weeks. This doesn’t apply to Police officers.

Claim 5: Minimum Breaks
Amend all Awards so the minimum break between shifts, including any overtime worked, is 10 hours.

Claim 6: Long Service Leave

  • Employees to be able to access pro-rata long service leave after 7 years.
  • For employees to be recredited long service leave for any personal, compassionate or bereavement leave that occurs during a period of long service leave.
  • For shift penalties, including weekend loadings, to be paid on any period of long service leave.
  • For employees to be able to opt to take long service leave at half the pay for twice the period.
  • That where a person undertakes a traineeship within an Agency but through a different employer and the trainee becomes a State Service employee, the period of their traineeship will be recognised as service for accrual of long service leave.

Claim 7: Personal Leave

  • For employees to have an entitlement to access personal leave to attend medical appointments or to take immediate family to medical appointments.
  • For employees to have an entitlement to access personal leave for preventative health care.
  • For new employees to be granted 20 days personal leave on appointment.

Claim 8: Delegate Rights

  • For delegates who attend union training on a day they are not rostered to work to be paid for the day or to receive a day off in lieu.
  • For delegates with specialist roles to receive an additional 5 days of union training leave each year.
  • For delegates to have a right to wear union logoed uniform when conducting union business.

Claim 9: Same Job, Same Pay
For Awards to be amended such that labour that is provided from outside the State Service, for work that would otherwise be covered within the scope of a Public Sector Award, to be paid, as a minimum, the salary and conditions of similarly classified State Service employees.

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