Tasmanian Child Safety Workers Take Action

Last week our incredible Child Safety workers took action across the state, from the North West to Hobart, to demand a plan to deliver the resources Tasmania’s child protection services need to move forward.

As you read this sentence, more than 200 Tasmanian kids are stranded on the unallocated list while waiting to be seen by a Child Safety worker because there simply aren’t enough staff to meet demand.

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Their service is being hammered by a recruitment and retention crisis, as well as hamstrung by years of under resourcing that has left them unable to attract, recruit and retain people to these critical roles.

The answers are pretty straightforward, and workers have delivered a plan straight into the Premier’s hands: they’re asking for Premier Rockliff to commit to an Emergency Workforce Package with solutions based on their knowledge of the issues they know best. Last week Delegates met with the Premier to discuss this package.

While he was generous with his time, he would not commit to delivering on the plan.

https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=5541646672523465https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=5541646672523465That’s why we need you. Can you help us share the video to keep the pressure on Premier Rockliff to fund Child Safety?

The cold hard truth is that each day the Premier delays fixing the service brings us one day closer to a tragedy. One that only he has the power to prevent.

If you’re ready to go the extra mile for Child safety workers, write to us with a message of support we can share with CPSU members. They will continue their rolling industrial action until they get this done.

Because, as Tayla powerfully put it: “We want to show the public that we are doing absolutely everything we can, so if we end up in a coroner’s court they know that we were asking for the resources we needed to keep a child alive and safe – and we weren’t getting them.”

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